You Can Forgive You

I come before my love

this early morning.

I sigh, wondering

why a liar’s mouth widens

a smirky length when I believe.

I belong in the dark.

I belong where no smile touches

my heart’s frame.

I will spill over many tears,

a split unseen by human eye.

Inside, a breath exiles these whispers

I can’t disregard, for fear I will die from withdrawal.

He says, Darling, I have allured you to wilderness,

led you out of idle earshot. Voices speaking rigid

thorn, a form pleading red. Bloodshed through

worded unbelief. Speaking of their brother’s,

sister’s planks, when you are the same.

I hear the sigh slipping from your hungered

tongue.. You want Me to grant you fall

inside dust made arms.

You want them your strength.

I have made My home where no one

dares embrace. A place veiled

with self-hate, shame, regret.

A place orphaned, where I hear

My little girl cry,

Don’t You love me, Daddy?

Don’t You care about me?

Why won’t You hold me?

Why do You feel so far?

She turns her face down, as I did

when I told My Father, It is finished.

Her condemnation no more.

I died for her second chance.

A chance to see her first love

stands the symmetry between apology

she will never be enough, and agony

she can never forgive herself the stones

she threw, not knowing sacrifice



10 thoughts on “You Can Forgive You

  1. Wow sweet one! You are enough! You matter! What you think is important and what you share is perfectly you! This is like a lament I felt it right down to my heart! I’me so tired from my grueling day but I had to read your sweet poem to Jesus and God they are like the sweetness from heaven when I read them! You are such a blessing! Good night precious one I love you! 😄💗💜

  2. Juiia, this is incredible. The way you command language so gracefully is quite impressive. The emotion is really strong, as well. This has so much balance. Wonderful writing, love.

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