Welling Critic Refuses Me Goodbye

Father, I have been apathetic

with my thoughts.

I have heard a critical voice

utter yes, wishing no asserted

itself instead. Or yes eagerly

coming clean, when I want alone

blanketing my paled skin. Minus

darkness guilt tripping my feeble

mind: you’re destined a lonely child.

No one sees. No one knows.

No one cares. You can’t open

your mouth. Keep quiet.

You have nothing important,

substance worth sharing.

Yeah, you plead Jesus

draw near. He says,

I will if you draw near to Me.

Seek My face.

I emphasize with you.

I was tempted, too.

Do not be afraid.

I am with you.

Being alone,

hours at a time

shouldn’t cause concerning

tears questioning

why why why

what reason for this grief?

You promise You bring

unwillingly. This ocean

is surfacing by inking

truth I’ve tried escaping,

dismissing, numbing, denying.

Everyday, I’m brought back,

led by my right handed weakness:

I dont want to be a basket case,

weeping infancy inside Your love.

Author’s Note: This is for today’s http://katemotaung.com/2014/11/20/five-minute-friday-notice/. I went way over five minutes, but I have to learn to go easy on myself sometime. 😉


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