Don’t Wean Me Off


Quiet. Arms open wide.

My mother’s voice wraps compassion

around my pleading.

Yes, Sompingme? Her arms encircle

her child’s constant needing.

Rocking back & forth comes

innocent declaration.

I want to stay this way.

Forever & ever & ever. 

She promises without hesitation.

This twenty-four year old

adult hugs tighter, silent please,

prayer mother’s touch stay unrelenting.

Author’s Note: I love you, Mom. Your hugs mean more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for always letting me linger in them when life is a mess or joyous. I couldn’t ask for a better Sompingit. ❤


3 thoughts on “Don’t Wean Me Off

  1. Oh wow! This is beautiful! I am very happy to hear about this hug from your sweet momma! You should always have those arms to hold you and fall into when life gets rough. I love you this is beautiful! ❤

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