Taste A Part, See Apart

I am in a room,

sitting atop a comforter

with dim light above my head.

Rain drip drops outside window panes

I can’t call mine. Nor this green jacket.

This laptop I’m clacking this confession

urging my fingers take my voice hostage,

a timeframe I have pled hurry along.

I am eager for control.

I do not want a decision

arresting burden to my chest.

Heart knows the failures

I’ve let imprint minor worth,

tell me another submission

will crack the floodgate

awaiting joyous praise.

Acceptance from world wide

masses I crave.

This is lying.

I hide behind thank yous,

reading someone tell me

my command with language

is quite impressive.

In my mind, I think

God it’s you coming through

these broken sentences.

I am moving with whispers

hidden within the white spaces.

Where I am absently breathing,

Can I not expand this swelling head

aching a question I can’t extract

pure vanilla tasting.

Will someone rest me

inside a word, a name,

an embrace I’m can’t sense



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