Linings Silver

Author’s Note: Today, one of my best friends published her first book of poetry. The following poem is how I responded after seeing how many likes she received after publishing the news on Facebook. I’m learning how quickly the Devil will use such a thing as numbers to make me feel useless, my words, voice don’t matter. Not true. I’m sorry if my “woe is me” stole your joy for even a second, Megan. I’m so so so so so PROUD OF YOU FOR FIGHTING THOSE COLD FEET! I’m so thankful God put you in my life so I could freely BE MY CRAY, IMPERFECT SELF! 🙂 (I yell at her all the time.. 😉 ) I love you, Megan. Thanks for letting me be part of this. PEOPLE OF WORDPRESS & BEYOND: GO BUY THIS GIRL’S BOOK..RIGHT. NOW. Please? ❤  On to the poem….

In this pitiful soul,

tossing & turning on mistake heavy bedsheets,

I am thought beautiful ruin.

We talk hushed, our language breath

I let go when enclosed by You.

My inhalations frustrated.

How could I let jealousy steal

me away again? This isn’t

about me, slow numbers

climbing up a hill, only brought

halfway to a sudden halt.

No, a friend has stepped

out on cold feet making waters,

only to see You, marvelous light,

calling: Come to me! She doesn’t

hesitate. cannot turn down

invitation to dine at Your table.

Sharing the bread & wine of Life.

She ignores the doubting wind,

waiting perfect time to drown

her lovingkindness smile.

She steps one shaky foot

after another, out of the boat,

while I sit still, I am so proud!

But, slowly, a sinking fear grips

my shrinking heart.

What about me?

He must not love me as much.

She turns back, not fearing fall,

extends her hand to pull me up

and out beside her.

You’re cray. He loves you, too.

I wouldn’t have had the courage

without you. I hug her tight.

We pull apart, walking

hand in hand to You,

our Father’s roomy embrace.


7 thoughts on “Linings Silver

  1. You are cray. He does love you, too… More than you will ever comprehend. 🙂 Thank you so much for grabbing my hand and pulling me up just as much as I do you.

    • After wrestling with this pretty much half of the day yesterday, it amazes me how God works to pull me out. And will not stop. Even if my heart feels like dead weight. I’m SO thankful I know you, too! I love you! ❤

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