Human First, So I Too Love

You spoke me in lines.

Oh my darlin’ come awake!

Let those blues meet infinite

expanses, where dreams break

open your mouth as you wish.

You cry to these thieves thick

with the same welling you learn

lonely by misplacing another will.

Sumatra, they will tell tell you.

It’s better to be an island,

you’re protected this way.

You’ll forget Me—how I dress

the daisy, colored yellow bumble

bee. A sting found sitting in a pew,

thinking I will come out of the box,

where they say lie My remains.

I will scream, condemn, hurt you,

as the people arguing beside you after leaving.

You’ll look for a drug—not alcohol, cocaine, or Mary Jane—

no, you’ll look for approval in your mother, father, any friend,

even your own eyes. Every move you’ll question, not wanting

a mistake defining forevermore. You’ll become lost, nervous, aching,

crying: won’t someone tell me where I can be found? You’ll find yourself

walking through walls: heartbreak of a boy eager for flesh, your parents

hanging between hello & goodbye, and your need to be seen by the world/

You’ll find Me here, breathing a songbird melody

down inside your heart, caged too long in fright

you may not be worthy. Such a tuning could make

you proud, wasting time while others move along.

I don’t win hearts over the same as how the west

was won, through anger & bloodshed. No,

I extend My hand to you, Jack to Jill,

where we walk living water & child.

Up the hill, I look you over, smiling,

My dear, do not fear, the best day of your life

rests in My hands, don’t you see these moments

are not a hologram, but pure heart?


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