From Fainting Heart In Love

I will praise you, my Friend.

In these hands emptied,

filling will love material,

lingering touch remains

on my lips. Jesus, l love

resting on us. Let afflicted

hearts hear through these

words: You are with us.

Let us proclaim our love,

near, far, close, apart,

we start, end together.

I sought my companion,

He said, Come lean in My hand.

You’ll get back up with Me alone.

I saw in those dawning eyes,

a radiant truth I can’t escape

even now, My Daddy never puts

His children to shame.

Poor men cry, their tears suddenly

dry with my Father’s thumb.

Angels surround those.

awed in His delivering love.

Taste and see goodness,

blessed are you who shelter

inside His wing.

Love our Father, you

His set apart people,

for those who respect His wishes,

lack nothing. Lions may starve,

their tummies rumbling discontent.

Those who seek kindest eyes—

a mix of sorrowed gladness,

lack no good thing.

Can you hear sweetest voice,

Come, My children, I will

teach you way of love.

You who love cracking up,

an aching side bone

from joy gone quiet

way of winter goodbyes.

Swallow slithering urge

your tongue longs purging,

speaking ill over all I love,

curling up the good intentioned heart

only to die. Bite your tongue, disregard

lies only your demise. Seek peace,

let the pursuit overtake you.

My Daddy’s eyes are on the fair,

His ears eager for their cry;

but a cold shoulder shown to evildoers,

remembering not their name

throughout the Earth.

I cry out and Daddy comes running,

brokenhearted, crushed spirit,

He saves me again & again.

I may, no, have many troubles,

prone fall with a scrape, bruise

collection, but never a broken limb.

Evil brings down the wicked,

condemnation brought against my foes,

loving my Daddy shall give way to pointed finger

I let define me wrong.


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