To You, Under Oklahoma Sky

You’ve turned my heart.

I’m not looking inward,

pointing a shaming finger,

or letting my tongue

tsk tsk my brain’s drifting

thought pattern. Here,

I sit upon comforting bed,

my eyes stung by sleep loss

a week could not gain.

Mother says I should slip

inside dream if my weary head allows.

Such a luxury will not happen today.

My eyes wish lending tears

for my friend, whom You love

more than I ever will. Oh, how

I can’t will them out, but keep

whispering, you are beautiful,

you don’t need another validating

shine given before your beginning.

He thought you, blue tendered skies

worth a glimpsing. whether laughing,

or weeping. You look at her, His Beloved,

declaring, Daughter, do you not see this well

will never delight you? Living water stands

willing give a flowing spring for all eternity.

I know all these loves

you thought surely would catch

your fragile bones. Calling your heart

the dearest ever to be caught. But,

they broke their forevers the moment

you cast your wishing net praying depth.

You come up empty each time.

I want to fill you with life, so you

know I am the way, the truth, the life.

I do not make mistakes, you have

a room in the home of my Father.

No matter what gifts you may squander,

roaming desert lands hoping another human claims you worthy,

I will call you back to Me. I will woo you as I did Gomez, speaking

gently the promises as a compassionate mother. I will not leave,

nor forsake you. I will rest my hand upon you. Peace not of this world

will free you from expectation to be less than the child I’ve made you.

You will no longer be trouble or afraid. I’ve been waiting, and I will

continue on if that is what you need. But, oh my darling, I ache

intimacy with you only. Can’t you see?

We fight the same battle—licking wounds brought by anger—fearful

maybe our voices are best laid to rest early. Still, a prayer finds me.

May you bless us , keeping us in Your presence, so wherever

we may look, we are overcome by the brilliancy of Your face

sweeping us up & away.


2 thoughts on “To You, Under Oklahoma Sky

  1. Oh my Wow! I read it 3 times! I cried twice. I will save it on my desk top so I can read it again when I feel less then. You are most gifted Julia in your writing and the softness of your words touch my heart, like you scoot everything over in my head and I can focus on these words that are life giving from our Father through you! You are precious I know you know this! I love you sweet one! ❤

    • I love how you said, “scoot everything over in my head.” It made me think of one of us scooting close to whisper these truths into each other’s ear. I love you! You know I’ll always be here to remind you, just as you have with me, how much our Father loves us both. ❤

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