Against His Bosom, I Turn

Ask me not, astronaut,

why gravity scares my heart,

not the words I speak swiftly.

On your collarbone, there

lies a covering of what I dream

a piece of moon underneath.

You whisper, there is more

below my skin & bone.

I tell you, I hear every night

while I am alone in the darkeess.

I am afraid I’ve missed it.

Whispers don’t catch my eardrums

as audible demand for work to be done..

You’re ending such talk, darling.

When you go to me rather than humanity,

failure won’t come boulder heavy.

I wish to fly amongst twinkles

said to be your eyes, their burn

said to scorch me; but my flesh

begs me go. Go out, find immediate

break of your will. Crawl back.

hands & knees. Beg try until

shame dismisses you completely.

Your eyes ask me believe I am worthy

flight within spaces between our fingers.

It’s difficult to be still.

Keep breaking your heart

way of shudder against touch

I know I need.

I step back, away,

your eyes shining:

you are forgiven.

I whisper, will you hold me

past pluto my eyes can’t dissipate?

Fall on my breast, dear darling,

weep if you must,

but look into my face—

I do not hate you.

For when I look into your blue,

I see the depth of my Son.


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