Nest Me, Abba

He says, My little sparrow:

come out, let your wings

rise & fall as you jump

inside these gentle hands.

You’ve longed turning back,

eager smile would run forward,

greeting you with a sorrow

coaxing you home. Blessed

are those hungering my carry

through this crying life.

Even the winter bears

seeded love blooming bud

dawning spring. A little

cold returns your song:

“O my soul, hang your

head not, look up to deepest face

as you ought! Do you not see God

breaking through the cloudy?”

Do not be ashamed intimacy,

blessed are you, my child,

for even in your questioning

lament, you come clean.

You have no need fear

punishment a slow movement

home. I’ve heard your vouce:

“The way you move

makes me restless

for love of you rescue me soon.”

Wherever you go, little bird,

sunshine, rain walking,

still—I am surrounding you,

guiding, leading, loving

through & through.

Everything is your Daddy’s,

so do not fear prolonged wait

an answer to your request,

Show me I am known,

win me over with sincerest

speech breaking you open

proclamation of new song.

Welcome me into the house

you are building, let us verse

poiema together, forgetting

my belief, infancy must stop,

I must learn independence,

enough courage to say goodbye.


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