Ask, Magnolia

Magnolia aches Son

inside her stamen—

today I am emptied

all dreams thought center,

she quietly admitted beside

a Jacaranda tree.

Don’t forgot His love, yellowed one.

Though you wither, remembering

elder you have lost, my heart is steadfastly

praying your soul know it is well.

Our Father took delight planting

us together on this spacious hill.

He said, I will go plant little flowers,

seedlings from my own heart.

She lowered her petals exasperated.

I’ve lost a grandmother,

knowing worrisome toil I let

sway my attention.

World or Father above?

Years sunshine, hail, snow,

rain, those roots upheld her.

Aged beauty kept by unseen hand,

leaving without goodbye after midnight.

Dust we come, dust we go

but if hope is a blindfold,

a solace, why does sun’s

burn bring no comfort

upon my sacrificial frame?


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