Void, How You Play That Minor Chord

She wakes me out,

up from dreamless


What’s the buzzing?

A flood warning, my

muscles tighten,

expanding fear.

I must turn off instinct.

Light flashes a tremble

across my soul, small.

Half awake, I ask mother,

who or why they need alert.

Her voice absent agitation

I expel through sighs, silence,

daily angry bursts, says people

who are driving need to know.

I am pulled under rain’s influence—

no, God’s insistence would be more


I wish deny for voicing this concern.

Will we die? Another ark need built?

I don’t know why I think of Noah, but I woke

later this morning, ached sockets reading,

Be strong & courageous (breathe in)

do not be afraid, or terrified

(only raindrops)

God goes with you,

(under Comforter, I’ll still.)

He will never leave

(can’t hear my heart)

nor forsake you

(a child, I am)

I heard a baby cry,

little bird song

I don’t have

desire sing.


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