In My Heart, You Keep Crying

Peace, I leave with you.

terror against this heart,

kindness I fear middle of night.

I turn my face to meet the dark,

gaping, pressing, void.

Do not be afraid.

I await booming voice,

blazed, burning look

until I am dust.

I am the little girl

sleeping at grandma’s,

in her mother’s old room.

You are staring inside

these blues scared

someone ever forgiving

considers me worth loving.

I don’t know when I started

facing the wall, convincing

myself: He can’t see me,

this wall will protect me.

I know someone watches

my trembling, loss of breath,

drifting only to abruptly wake

murmurs begging, please not yet!

Last night. I heard cry, peace!

I go back to grandpa aching

this sentiment, overwhelmed.

Solitude, hush, my whole being

quiet. Your hand over heart,

a sad joy stretched small

blessing face, waiting

my ask, show me my








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