While World Sleeps, We Whisper Truth

She lays down in sorrow,

veins reminding her blue

colors hope she can no longer cling.

sky is black, lead or ink,

her eyes no longer make sense of words,

nor comforted by a period.

I am sad, she tells me,

over a screen tiny enough

for my thumb to press against.

The glass isn’t cold,

warmed by a battery

I imagine her hand.

I press letters, stories

my heart can’t help expel-

fingers unfurling grief inside

this whitespace our lungs inhale,





Author’s Note: I have wanted to hug Michelle’s daughter continuously ever since we started talking the other day. We have so much in common. Fears, struggles, age. It’s made the past few nights easier, I’ve actually started to sleep before 1 AM. If Oklahoma wasn’t so far, I’d be right beside both of you, drinking  hot chocolate with whipped cream. 🙂 Michelle, you did a beautiful job raising Alex, God’s light shines as bright in her, as I see in you. She brings me so much hope and I’m so thankful I get to be a part of your lives. You both remind me to hold on. I love you both so much. ❤


3 thoughts on “While World Sleeps, We Whisper Truth

  1. Oh wow! Alex told me about this but seeing and reading it this way with your precious note leaves me speech! I want to honor this moment and your beautiful words! Julia you are an answered prayer! I don’t know what to say but thank you God for this sweet precious girl! Thank you for the words of life you are speaking to my girl! It is I who thanks you! I love you! 😄💗

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