I will not disappoint you, my magnolia

Don’t forget his love–

O soul, I hear you

whimpering. What

if I am dust already

crushed by every no?

How much longer will

my hopes be dashed,

sulky with truth under tongue?

My only hope I’ve got is you, Jesus.

Prince of peace, said to give the

weary strength, down in this valley.

I can no longer dream a fantasy

where I am independent your

marvelous light. Please, take

my hand, nothing more I have, let me

hold an unwavering anchor of hope;

my night song has filled, dulled

my blues, where I’ve heard as sure

as the sun, I must look up expecting

I can’t outrun your love. You will sing

me sweetest songs of deliverance

out of fear, anxiety, sadness, loss

because you are my portion & my

strength forever. My friend,

comforter, who swears he will take

me, broken, proclaiming this crippled

girl, beautiful. Show me how love

broke through shame, how I am

always with you, tightly held.

May the words I speak now,

come before you, Lord.

Hear my cry, let me stand

on your promises true,

love never fails.

You will come through,

some way, some how,

my heart will rejoice now

inside the weighty sorrow.

You are my rock of habituation

I shall place my hope, knowing

Yahweh’s whispers hold still:

My child, I am with you now.


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