don’t forgo peace eternal, hold on

does anyone know anxiety
unfolds as a note your mouth
can’t shut. your lips divide

time talking people,
places, things because
you want to go together with this life.

when you listen quietly-
a sharp shaming voice resounds
betrayal you’ve no doubt committed.

mid conversation with no other plans
you say you don’t mean to say this
or that-your sinning tongue

continuing on in just a little while.
you’re tired daydream faded inside
a snowless December, room with you

opened wide & i am scared poor
in spirit, pure heart fear tearing
everyday mourning clothes.

i’ve proclaimed, I gotta have you,
but my words run fast without
encouraging another soul, not

hearing from you. a thousand years
can pass, my brain repenting sin i
can’t quit apology. my heartbeat

solemn: sorry i am a horrible person-
daughter, friend, sister, niece, granddaughter. i’ve let myself sink

my feet regret deep, hearing
you come earshot before morning
light–a grace songbird cheering on.


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