for you, he singsongs, i am tenderest

someone’s watching over me,
tears caught inside her eyes
soft voice lifts song

up heaven’s alter—his
ears turn down not slumbering,
hushing all outer, inner earth,

hearing this neediest plea:
come to me, won’t you?
i know the sound of silence

makes world spin madly.
nothing is wrong, nothing
wrong, nothing. stone

rolling around & round
axis anxious without
optional stop. wait,

that is my heart
bearing burdens –
great consoler under tongue.

jesus, before dawn,
are you sure he can’t take
me home now? i asked

mother, knowing “no”
meant not my time
& death fear a twinkle

inside growing blues.
mortal man can bring
reminder i am dust

prince of peace cares
crook of arm. lost sheep
shepherded as child,

fed milk & honey
purest way, Father’s
blessing sung jubilantly –


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