man of many sorrows knew laugh

I say, it is raining awesomely outside.

Hardcore?She asks.

Yess. I exclaim with as much enthusiasm a screen allows.

It’s barely spending over here.

downward glance.

That is a very interesting description.

tearful laughter.

I try imagining Heaven spending tears

I’ve taken sorrowful meant jubilant –


question she’ll soon answer.

I don’t know h(ow)is that happened!

And my spirit lifts.

Author’s Note: this is one of many typical conversations with Megan. Last night’s topic: rain. I absolutely, 1000% love being her friend. Not only because she introduced me to Starbucks cake pops, has lovely taste in books, jewelry, an amazing listener, but for the fact she makes me laugh so so much. I can’t thank God enough for who he’s put in my life to walk beside me from hours/states away.

Sometimes I wish I could give more than my poetry/a bajillion hugs/rambles/quiet to the people i love near & not, but it really helps focus on this truth. (I loved rediscovering this entire album just now. This particular song brought me to tears again..) But the more I unravel and thank him, I feel him draw so much closer. I can’t wait for this: Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard. (Is. 58:8), but this valley has begun to teach me thankfulness for small. It floods my heart enough now, not sure I could handle huge.

And now, I’m going to  curl into these blankets, because my body wants me to get the full resting experience from these lullabies ..


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