before you, i plead


the tears,
salted silence
come before
your throne.

do you see
speeding water
down cheekbones?

are your eyes
glowing compassion—
banner for the mis

muscle memory?
my mouth from all
sides point down
south. cold absence,

oil life sweat dripping
isolation, loss, self-
thorns i water

before your sandaled
toes. do you love
hearing continuous:
take this, take this!

how we do it—i
tremble, your voice
asks for the heavy
rope in my chest.

you have hung
every broken beat—

i gaze, slow down
breath sacred, be
friending tender
i in, exhale same

sea sorrow.

you soled ages
past river bend,
peace, be still

gentle consolation
paled feet tire denying,
february air wintering
my ache to leave December.


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