where i wondered child

we stood beside
a cement corner—
you holding sideways

opened palms, mine.
our heads bowed,
you smile not a word.

your eyes glisten pain
only my own held undone.
everything blurry, i stare

into the last back of wooden
pew. they don’t turn around,
know we are here. everyone

somber, mourn-clothed. you
tug my attention back, my legs
ready to bolt down the alter,

mouth screaming: she is gone,
she is gone, God! you walk back
ward, taking my sagged body

outward, my face turned
toward blackened coffee
bitter ground. come on,

you said cheery, pulling
my strength (left hand)
with you down a snowy

lane, chest grasping
foreign air, you for a time
call home.


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