goodness, mercy following

Hilary sings about coming
clean—the rain pouring out
my eyes. swift, hurried,

wet. “we’re going to pass
on your submission. “
i tell you i should give

up dreaming. my heart
doesn’t hurt, but eyes
are agape with decision

after monthly wait. maybe
hope burned a little brighter
this second time around.

maybe i misplaced definition.
New York means you’ve done
right. a check in the pocket.

wider audience. you know,
the world is subjective &
we all want what we want.

and sure, winter has felt
the coldest shoulder—
fifty to thirty degree

Georgia weather stings
the “unfortunately” back
inside your skin. jar

every rejection sits salty.
engraved promise I strain hear—


One thought on “goodness, mercy following

  1. Hi! You’re my neighbor at Bonnie’s link-up today and I appreciate your comments on my blog! Rejection is so hard to take — don’t be too hard on yourself! Keep trying and sharing your words with others. Sometimes it’s the hardest places where we experience God’s deepest love to us. Blessings to you, friend!

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