come tell me, child

when she said
you’re waiting
with open ears—

a mailbox of sorts,
patient for my letter,
i was dumbfounded.

i tell the whole world
heartbreak, curious
why they don’t have

answers. then i hear–

FMF Prompt: when. (Yes, i know i posted a few hours ago about wanting a break…but i started today by talking to Jesus about all of my heart. So, i’m feeling okay right now. Also, I’ve come to the realization prayer is definitely my word for this year. And i’ve never had a word of the year.. and i wrote this in 5 minutes. it’s a pretty half thought.)

7 thoughts on “come tell me, child

  1. Ooh, I love this! Sometimes profound poetry can be written in a short time 🙂 So glad you shared. And, “prayer” is such a great #oneword365. P.S. I wrote a poem, too, but it took more than five minutes. I’m visiting from #fmf

    • Thank you Gayl 🙂 Poetry has never short to me. I started out writing long, then short and now it shifts back & forth. It’s so interesting to have a word for the year–especially “prayer.” Some days are easier than easier/ P.S. I saw your poem-I love how simple you write. Most of the poems I write take longer than 5 minutes. Sometimes more than a hour 🙂

      Thank you for visiting. ❤

  2. What a creative view of prayer. Thank you for the reminder that He wants us to talk with Him about everything and has all the answers we need. Visiting from FMF. Blessings.

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