truth is, you love me quiet

o great God—
be small
a breath,

light above
doubt night

cares tell
you’re not
here. holy

gaze never
slumber. precious
in your sight, i un

move you. how
well pleased
you are. Son

i am not dove
blessed shoulder;

appearance never
brought you asunder
as hu(man) heart

you treasure. living
water springs up,
cooling grievance

i asked never
bear. hear me
now, tiny inside

early morning
your child pleads.

My friend, Michelle made this, and it being 3:30 a.m. (this won’t go up til ten, because i’m finally sleepy..) i decided to write a piece based on the title. it’s beautiful. i probably could write a lot of poems on that alone. Thank you, Michelle, for being exactly who you are–creative, beautiful, compassionate. And shining that lovely light. 🙂 there’s something magical about writing this early with Ellie Holcomb stirring up my heart. So much peace.


2 thoughts on “truth is, you love me quiet

  1. Awh precious sweet Julia. I love you! I am always here for you always! I just happen to be so tired in the evenings but never too tired for you! Always remember this ok? Do not hesitate to call, text or whatever you need to do. I do keep my phone on silent but Alex always has her’s on and she can tell me just in case you need me and can’t get me. Call me sometime so we can talk or just sit in silence. I love to do that a too! I’ve missed you and pray God’s peace cover you like a blanket! I made this for you before I went to sleep. I love you! Thank you for this precious beautiful poem! 😀

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