why don’t you see you’re known?

we are open
window, different
points of view.

inside she looks,
crying out: let me
be seen, listened

days longs after
end. i’m tired being
overlooked time

& again. outside
i beg


FMF prompt: open. Inspired by a conversation with a friend last night. God’s doing a number on my heart these days. When your words are pouring out, turning into his & then silence. And the screen becomes a mirror you’re watching yourself talk to. You want to give hug. but know the glass is fragile & you are too far. So, you let the hush come, praying through the distance. truth will envelope the girl with tired sighs.


9 thoughts on “why don’t you see you’re known?

  1. I love that you said we are different points of view. We can definitely be looking at the same thing, yet see something different. Joining you from FMF.

  2. Poetry isn’t my area, but I like to read it and find the deeper meaning. Then sometimes I attempt my own form of poetry. For me, this peace resonated with my own feelings of being devalued by important people in my life.

    • It’s okay it’s not your area, it doesn’t have to be 🙂 I think there are different forms of poetry, anyway. I haven’t read a whole bunch, other than psalms and poems I find that fit what I’m going through in life. Poetry, to me, is a break down of prose to simpler bite-sized pieces/ I’d like to see some of your poetry 🙂

      I love how you saw a different meaning in the poem. I didn’t even see that. I’ve seen/felt that way in my life. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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