to sweet dream again

rain falls down
windowsills & i
eat the second,

last piece of peppermint
bark. two squares a night
ensure i do not eat half a

pound of this mountain
air chocolate. every
time i exhale, i’m

inside a snow
pile. oh, sun

peeks out
behind cloud,
coy. warmth

i’ve forgot
since December
brought chill

i can’t quite
shake. rays
beckon tears

no stay, burns
come quietly
if under long.

but i am cold,
God, covered
by these blank-

ets, clothes.
inside my head,
a cynic laughs.

whispers end &
someone sings:
all we can do is

keep breathing.
in: i’m afraid
death is close.

inside every
shadow, under
my bed. out:

thank you a night
light holds my attention,
captivation you oath

night, morning, day
permanent smile.


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