letter to heart eternal

Inspired this playlist that had me lost in love yesterday. I’ve missed writing to playlists where I didn’t skip every song to find one stirs up my heart.. I only skipped two with this, but I loved how I couldn’t break away. Or get distracted. My poetry has taken many twists in a few months. Within a few weeks, I was rejected by two magazines, combined with still mourning my grandma, I keep thinking I’m going to give up. But everyday, I wind up pouring out my heart. I feel the smallest ember glow within, wane, & come back. God, you are relentless through sleeplessness, loss of appetite, your fire is burning through me. You listen to me sing through this numb, watch the ink pour from the keyboard, and I love you in the chill of this untypical of February days with snow on southern ground

trees are bare.
standing trust

they enclosed
a promise you
keep by & by

until spring greens
branches, lilting
then my heart.

i’ve heard you
fish for sailors,
cursing their net

knotted with seaweed.
you say they can cast
upon the right & fish

will overflow their
hands; no more
running in self

circles around
the children’s song:
‘little ones to him

belong. we are weak,
but he is strong.’ i am
living in a land of death-

repined february
clothes adorn tired bones.
in christ alone, I breathe,

sing, laugh, cry. I choose
jesus, your son with whom
you are well pleased

water he has shed midst
unbelief at her goodbye
without word. i’ll talk to

her later, she said.
fire’s last ember
meant warmth

though her breath
caught up with his.
finally. winter has

paled my face,
but let your
love be strong.

carry me nourish-
ment despite
Marah winds.

you are he
who feeds
the ravens

& my belly
has grown

dove i learned
their crying song—

oh, lord, is there no
better garment than
b;ack? my vries over

the ocean, beg you
peace the waves,
salty. years i’ve

spent inside ached
oceans, crushing
strength, above

lift your head,
faint not, child.
there will be a day

she’ll call you missy,
laughter one consonant –
i, o. u no longer (vow)eled.

endless years
we only hope
your infinite fill—


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