Learning To Question

Since I decided to clean out my inbox this morning, I found this beautiful, heartbreaking poem in the all rubble. Thanks for continuing to inspire me Rachel. ❤

Rachel Nix

My young mind couldn’t fathom the thrashing
and jerking of the woman who seemed
to throw herself backwards against the floor.
We’d come to the video store to get movies
and a Nintendo game for my sister and I to pass
the weekend with. Momma, always so calm and easy,
led us away from the ruckus, never knowing
what was rolling around in my head.

“The devil’s done got her,” I thought,
“ain’t nobody that can save her now.”

Trying to occupy our minds so we wouldn’t see
any more of the devil taking that woman over,
Momma told us to pick out our movie and to stay
in the back of the store. But with curious eyes, I spied
through the shelved walls the EMTs rush in.

The woman, still shaking on the floor, had bloodied
the back of her head. Other customers, who’d been holding
her still, let…

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