the shine i long stay

if we sat on rooftops tonight

i’d let my praise fall out like

fireworks fourth of julys my

ears never handle well. What

a friend in you, Jesus, knowing 

you call me by name: twinklepants.

a star among millions you hold 

between your wings. as I spread 

clumsy words from my lips. 

“let me hear your ravished heart.”

a smile meeting troubled gaze,

what made you smile most today?

“his 5 minute stare down at my art. i felt the flush of wine I’ve never drank, bread untouched my lips. yet, i was fed. joy.”

You met me, your, the bridegroom. No fox beard tail came inside that vineyard.

“i was beloved. seen. burning light hidden.”

sweet is the sound of silence where attention is given to the seeds planted.

“there are so many thorns inside love’s garden. A prick draws a wound tears only seek to salt. how I wish flowers would grow.”

oh darling. I know. You have to trust to be alone with you, petals will sprout forth.

“why does being satisfied in you scare me so?”

because I’m waking the parts of you long abandoned that are everything i love about my little girl.

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