please, take my love repeatedly

i hear my beating
heart hammer
a nail truth where
my eyes rather never
chance look. ir is the
third week of giving
up something i love
to find myself swaddled
inside homiest embrace.
i said i would trade any
food/beverage too sweet,
an aged fruit attitude
molding this downed soul.
but i’ve sat, nibbling thin
minute, chocolate chip
muffins & peppermint
bark. sure, my breath
smells minty clean
awhile, but human
thought pulls a
shadow over
self & others
i snap judge.
forgive & your
father will forgive.
do not judge & you
will not be judged
you hear how quietly
beat a mental bruise:
how dare you, Julia—
notice all these flaws
when you have your
own imperfections.
then, i beg forgiveness
you give without relent.
i can’t forgive myself,
scared i’m coming unruly
because i can’t believe
you find me precious
enough to trade people
for my sideways, trembling
frame. i’m nervous around
such devotion i won’t offer
myself. you make me well
within, an echoing voice
reassuring a promise
sworn never to be voided
truth: do not fear (time,
need, want), i’m with
you, your weakness
my strength. let me
the crushed spirit,
broken heart &
compassion you


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