and they’re kept in peace

She listens

as rain hurries

past, birds keeping

melodious company

with one another. She

marvels at how they call

over & over without care 

they may be a bother. They 

are not confined to lies inside

their mind: you loser, idiot, you

can’t fly. You made a mistake,

you should have remembered

not to turn to the side; now 

you’ve fallen out of the sky &

tears beg streaming apology.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean

to. Give up already, would you?

You’re weak, needy, & Jesus overcame the world, but look 

how much he cares about the small

stuff now. He turned water to wine, yet leaves you wondering: how can

he love me when one wrong move 

leaves me aching his arms about me?

Birds don’t long with water hitting their eyeglasses. No, they sing, letting this man of many sorrow chart their ways.


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