on dreary friday, i say;

never was my intention
to lose my song, turning
away your hand, so I may
cry. why, daddy, why must
tears embitter me? & you sing:
oh, my darling, holdfast
my touch, for the thorn shall
break forth my plan of love.

Five Minute Friday prompt: plan. I think I may have cheated. I totally became lost in this song while writing/singing/tearing. After I was done, I realized I never used the prompt in the poem. So I added, “my plan of love.” at the end. I know it probably doesn’t matter, but I still find I want to follow the rules.. I can’t wait for the album to come, this single has been played maybe ten times in the last few hours. I discovered Timbre in 2013 because of my lovely friend, Gwen and have fallen for the harp and pretty much every one of her songs. This song makes me feel as if Jesus is dancing in laughter before me, And saying everything he knows I have been feeling for months…I can’t stop singing along..

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