if i could forget as he 

This was scary and somewhat healing to draw. The top is are the lyrics to All Right Here by Sara Groves. The bottom are waves of all the things I can’t forget about myself. Like being weak, pride, fear of death, leaving school because of fear, urge to save people (playing God). Fear of God’s hand, wanting to be seen by the world, divorce, rejection…the sun burning down these thoughts. I’ve realized I have so much fear and shame. it just blows my mind God chooses to forget all that, when it’s always before me. I’m a fool not to believe that’s not love.

Please continue to help me, God.

There may be more drawings coming with this woman’s lyrics. I can’t pull away. I seriously wish I could give her a hug for writing such lines that make me look deep in myself.

Not that I don’t already…


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