i breathe inward
pain, outward:
residing in

by my side,
sacred your name.
your kingdom come

be still my heart,
willing anxieties knot.

why do i yearn
control today’s events,
tomorrow’s fall—

assuming i am
you maybe i should
buy others penned

sorrow, waiting what
i don’t know. i eat
your word amongst

the time ticker &
noisy refrigerator.
when i am thirsty,

you fill me
with good things.
when anxiety is great

within me, your
consolation brings
me joy, oh God,

lead me not in
pitying thoughts;
nothing will come

of my waiting. i am
too weak, too needy,
for my selfish eyes

to behold such glory.
oh, deliver me from
ill i may soon speak
over my life. wean
my soul, a mother

comforting her child
with milk & words
from the mouth of honey

suckle. for thine is
the power & glory

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