those he can’t bear goodbye (everyone)

the sun falls
below vision line—
the pink spots
you get behind
those lids you close.
telling goodnight to this day—
remains a glimpse inside
Love’s light, a photographic
memory he always keops
of we

i realize this is the third time i’ve posted today. it’s been an emotional day(s). lack of sleep. no desire to eat. tears. intense talks with Jesus. All have left me weary, but there is a joy inside my soul, slow & steady & expectant on him.. Looking up at sunset tonight through the blinds, i felt a tiny smile spread across my face. and a small whisper in my heart: i haven’t forgotten you.

he’s being extremely patient, as he promises he will always be. i could cry over that fact. he really is the love that will not let me go. he lets me sit and talk or stare or try to push back tears he knows i can’t keep. at this moment, i love he let me be born in spring, during  national poetry month. i wonder if his heart swelled three times over today.

i love you, Jesus.


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