i am the only

thunder laughs across 

this early Saturday morning 

sky–I’m sorry, love does not 

throw fireballs at his creation.

& cowboy boots with spurs 

to punish you for your sin

isn’t his style. he already 

gave up his only son,

so he might befriend you.

as he has Abraham, Moses 

& David, the psalmist you 

keep turning back when 

you cannot sleep. They are

I, the Word made flesh to dwell

with thee–in the sanctuary, we 

are one breath, exhaling; holy,

holy, holy, God almighty, just

& love shall be our victory-

This was written at 1 am, while a thunderstorm decended outside. It made think about the conversation I had with my mom today, about how I think God will come down with fire and take me away. It’s terrifying for me to admit it. But then she made this joke about how she’s pretty sure God isn’t coming after me in that because, he’s a loving and just God. He also doesn’t wear cowboy boots with spurs and sit on his throne waiting to make me dance. In fear of the fireball.

I can’t help but imagine God’s laughing with me at how wrong that is. How ridiculous it sounds. Not meanly, but full of love. “The devil has nothing on me. I can’t harm you if I only have plans to prosper you. You silly, silly girl, whom I love and am well-pleased.”

And your word doesn’t come back void. šŸ™‚ so great you are, God, in love and majesty.

Poetry at early morning hours is the best. Even though you should be getting sleep & letting the bags start to fade from under your eyes.. 

I can’t help God being all over me. Or maybe me seeking him. But maybe I can sleep now. 


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