before the w(hy)ise 


I love being inspired by my friends, especially one I will forever call my astronaut. Though she’s never been to outer space, I see the fire of the Son behind her eyes. Today is her birthday & even though we’re many miles away, this poem reminds me we are close in spirit. It’s beautiful how right Jesus is when he says, when you give, it is better than receiving. Because when you give love, it always returns. May not be how you hoped, or it may, but always comes how you personally need.

Also, this piece reminded me of my grandma. How the birds sing the song, she well knows: God will come & shine his face bright upon me.

I’m holding onto this promise. So tight.


One thought on “before the w(hy)ise 

  1. Ahh the sompy astronaut the only other mortal allowed to be called a somp and a prized name it is, if only all had the somp name.

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