when you fear un

He is able to surprise us with an endless Love. He is able to keep us when the dark descends on everything we have known.  

I love how this artist spells able like Cain’s brother Abel’s name is spelled. I wonder if that is intentional. When you look up the lyrics though, able is spelled correctly. I bet there’s a deeper meaning I’m missing.  Cain was basically thrust into the darkness by God for killing his brother, Abel. I mean, he was told he’d be a restless wanderer of the earth. That sounds fun. (imagine that with so much sarcasm.) But, I find how God doesn’t kill Cain and puts a mark on him, so he won’t be found or killed interesting.

God uses death to draw people into himself. When Cain and his wife have another child, Enoch, people starting calling on God.

I’ve been doing this since last week. fighting back the fear of death. Fear of God–the wrong kind of fear.

And oh, how gentle and kind he is though I still cover my face.


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