where words never cease

shame tugs my heart—
what is wrong with you,
peeling back the fig?
you were forbid eat
the apple he claims
is his eye for you.
i keep saying, open
wider; rejection be
filled. look how he
has left you dazing
out the window—
God, i know you are
up there, listening
to the silence, wonder,
desperate pleas.
when will your love
break out a smile
purely found in your heart?
why does heavenly quiet
make me shudder in depths
only holy eyes know? this
lonely cold shivers on inside:
“well, i guess you are not
coming. i don’t understand
anymore.” coaxes my soul.
& i tell myself not to fear,
so my head won’t hang
low. my mother doesn’t
forget me at her breast,
when my head swirls
a million questions
i never rest. you
know every one;
watching way i ache
her warmth break
sorrow a second longer
than last. i talk without
words—thought novels
into space

Inspired by this post on God’s love signs. And what happens when I stare out the window.


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