& i approach you wordless

“why are the trees
so small?” he asks
his mother without
hesitancy. she continues
trimming, ”because it’s spring.”
“but why are they so small?” he
persists. “because it’s when the
new things grow.” i hear her warming
smile. he asks again & you rise in my soul;
a laugh close enough to escape out the window.
another voice questions, “why are you cutting by my room?”
“you can’t see out the window.” the mother reasons
“but they are gorgeous!” this little girl exclaims.
“i’m sure they’ll grow back, honey.” her explanation
leaves a protest quiet.

this is what happens when i listen to the outside, these kids are fearless. with repeating questions and seeing beauty where one  one wants to see growth. this is another reminder why Jesus says we must become like a child. They don’t have any shame asking things over & over. they’re bold in wanting more than a simple, or one answer. they got approaching God’s throne of grace with confidence, down. it’s what i learn i’m still. gets me every time.


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