of myself 


I am the only one

between daises you haven’t smelled 

upon spring air & pews where you 

sat heavy with my presence

coming undone in laughter

made nervous by fear. oh

my darlin’ the weeping at my feet,

the furrowed brow, the anger at my

seeming distance; i know full well.

as sure as the sun rises tomorrow,

i will love you. i will take one look 

at your thoughts like spinning plates:

where are you? why is this happening? 

how will i make it through? 

when will darkness flee

beyond pressure my chest bears 

conceal? who have i become? what 

charm does heart for you?

i want to dance in a straight line

with you, but you spin in circles–

pull me round & round & i follow 

because i want to untangle your

dependency on yourself. i ask,

are you willing trust fall in my arms?

my smile imprints discomfort 

distances away from your face, how 

i know unveiled is better than protect. 

folded arms are safest bet

when goodbyes drain pale the color

of grace, you tell me. 

i can’t leave, offering the bread & 


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