you alone save me 

come flood me, God-

not in grievances aplenty,

but joy you’ve sent to find me.

i am naked beyond skin & rib

you took from sleeping Adam,

forming Eve, a woman tasting

bitter apple to become like you.

Knowing good & evil is a high

price to pay, when your son goes

on bended to pray for me.

Father, he whispers, hallowed be

your name, your kingdom come,

your will be done on earth (within 

her), as it is in Heaven (where her 

grandma resides beside me). Give 

her this day her daily bread (peace I 

leave & that of wheat she eats with 

family) & forgive her trespasses as

she forgives those who trespass 

against her. Lead her not into belief 

of only dark, but deliver her from he 

who  haunts her dreams. For yours is 

the power & the glory forever. Amen.

Your son says these words until all

evil words: you should never open 

your mouth, Julia. You won’t get 

better. Don’t you pay attention to

your nightmares? No one is there 

to save you. There is only death. 

Why else do you think everything 

goes black? Jesus save you? And 

you want to help other people when 

you can’t help you? Oh please. 

until the peace transcends 

understanding pools inside my heart;

guilt receding condemnation always

asking me believe less than I pray. 


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