upon me


This morning while I was lying in bed, I was listening to music when this whispering came in my ear: bring me word of your unfailing love. I came outside (the flowers, birdsong, & sudden breezes are amazing today.) to draw this & immediately fell into a different place. Put my iTunes on shuffle & the song, I Hurt Too came on. I felt God was telling me he hurts with me. Katie Herzig’s music always brings me into this sacred place, where everything fades and I fall into God. Other songs followed & peace came into my heart. After I finished the piece, I typed in the words I heard and this came up. This verse is exactly what I long. The fact that it deals with trust and asking to be shown where to go, is where I’m at right now.
I know God will come through. He told me last night to seek him & he will give me the desires of my heart. He’s giving me the desire to draw again & oil pastel. I love it’s not for fame (though I would like to sell some of my pieces) but to share. He promises those who know his name, will trust in you, for he does not forsake those who seek him.

Let your unfailing love come–


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