heaven swaddled me in a robe 

she pulls me

in embrace, 

a swell in heart.

i must have turned 

back into a little girl,

for what I experience 

with arms around–

joy & a longing warmth

of home will never leave.

Author’s note: dedicated to a friend I love very much & has watched me change from scared to approach, to “hey, let’s talk about Jesus!” and continuously gives me hugs. Over the last seven months, this woman has reached out to me without me realizing & wanting to include me in things, giving me space when I’ve been confused by life, to letting me cry and reminding me God has the best for my  life. I love how in the hardest place of my life, God has given people who when I’m around them, I see Jesus in them. and my heart is all: ❤️❤️❤️😮☺️😄. I’m so thankful he gives those who encourage me and fuel my faith. And let me give my presence, instead of presents. 😉

I love how God shows his unfailing love.


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