drowning in unbelief 

i follow her 

Into a room 

With cement floor.

we wait an hour,

with every lonely 

song of the fifties

playing low. I sit

next to a stage,

Sound woofer ready

to break my ear drums.

I wonder if Jesus is 

sitting somewhere 

amongst lost souls  

fmf prompt: follow. Last night, I went to a concert with Megan, to see her favorite singers, Marc Martel (also from the Candian rock band, downhere.) I love how our friendship grows through music. We’ve shared stories about how artists (downhere and Jamie Grace) have helped us walk through life. Gray and sunny. I love that we can sit in her car and sing songs & there’s never any awkwardness.

I love how God has given me long distance only to show me how you be brave. Megan helped me brave meeting jamie grace, where I froze with “yes” and my name the only words leaving my mouth.

Last night, I witnessed her give and talk to Marc about her poetry, even though she was scared. She says it’s because I pushed her into him. I knew from my birthday, how much his music has pushed her through life. I didn’t want this moment to pass her.

The joy on her face was well worh almost two hour wait to see him. And twisty turn directions to get to the place…😏

I’m so thankful we have experienced highs and lows with each other. She enriches my life, as well as make me laugh.

She’s a bestie for the restie that gives me high hopes God can turn your dreams into a thank you to him.

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