divine hand in mine

i never asked,

empty me out,

please? take the

selfish & minus 

me–let our hearts 

fill with your name.

I’ll take a moment 

remembering in this

sickness, you are present.

there must be something in

the water, your word keeps 

returning–be still, trust, do not

conform to this world. i listen to

the talk, non-stop: what consists

of our days. work, work, worry,

money, & i sit with my mind far 

away in the sway of trees. i know

you hear me, God. sniffling, 

coughing, complaining–those

jealous eyes burning currents

through my body. i almost hear 

you say, today is beautiful loving 

you the same as i did yesterday.

for i have done nothing, but

dream dancing on the moon

is eternity.
Inspired by this playlist. This girl has awesome taste in music, and 8tracks is the best for this reason. ☺️ I’ve been listening to this since I’ve been sick. Makes me daydream & lift my head up.

Jesus is good. ❤️


2 thoughts on “divine hand in mine

  1. Wow Julia! This is so beautifully crafted. As I was reading it I was like “Wait a minute, this sounds like my playlist!” And then I read it again and it all came together. Thank you for this! I am sorry that you are battling with sickness, but I am happy that you are staying so positive and that the music is lifting you up 🙂 Get well soon, friend ❤

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