your majesty 

i awake with your mercy

singing through my blood

stream–i want to sing holy

holy holy, but my breath steals 

at your name. so, let me greet 

the sun. the birds, the trees throw

up a canopy of highest praise 

fmf prompt: rise. I woke up with this in my head: when I fail, your grace is always there for me. when I fail, your mercy is surrounding me.  I think I’ve listened to the song 3-4 times now. 

something about those lyrics makes me joyous this morning. it’s been a very trying week for me. the wondering why I’ve been sick. the wondering of his plan. where he is. why I feel lonely and withdrawn, but how he is with me.

i think my head has been in the clouds since Sunday. so many thoughts. i love he hears them all and will reveal what he wants in time.

wanting to know everything at once probably (does) takes his surprises for my life away from me. the expectation & anticipation. the devil wants that & being weak like this, makes me susceptible to believe seeing everything will make me feel better.

i know that trust has an element of mystery. Jesus knows I’ve never been a big fan of them, but if his love is behind the case, I’ll be okay.
Yep. Not sure where I was going with that one…


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