because he’s a sentimental God

a bird cracks up

near my window–

i bet God told the

funniest joke.

knock, knock.

who’s there? sings

the bird. the one i love, 

says the Lord. the one 

i love who? the one

i love knows no REM.

and they laugh a solid 

minute before birdie wonders,

is it me or did he just insult 

my sleeping patterns?

& the Lord said, no, no.

i only want you to know

i never flutter you behind-

Okay, so this isn’t that funny. I’m laying here after not really sleeping last night, and the beginning of this song starts playing in my head. I listen to it all the way through (after looking it up) and this bird just busts up, as if telling the funniest story.
then I start thinking about how it could be God telling me how I don’t get enough REM when I sleep. Because I can tell you, I blink a lot during the day. Mostly into space. 

But anyway, I’m writing this poem and this song, aptly titled, “the one I love” plays in my head. And I’m like: God, I don’t understand how the song is catchy, but the lyrics are sad.

I don’t want to be a prop or come down on my own (whatever that means..I don’t want to know..) independence, maybe? No thanks,

But this is why God is awesome. He’s sentimentally funny. 

And maybe makes me think too much.

And oh, how he loves me.

And my over active mind.


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