picture on the wall, lost on me still

world, you make me
gasp—the way an unstable
cord left three firefighters
without their passion. ISIS
& these little girls who must
be terrified of their innonce.
they are invaded, broken,
shattered. i sit up in the
night, crying to a blackened

fmf prompt: world. as much as this world beaks my heart, i’m glad Jesus listens through it all. loves through it all. i typically don’t pay attention to the news, because sitting with all the pain & sadness hurts my heart. i’m pretty lost in my own pain, too. (yep, that is selfish..) but yesterday while i was eating dinner, o heard about these firemen who were badly injured last year. & then earlier I read a blog about ISIS. then, i’m laying there last night thinking about all this pain everywhere & i start tearing up.

the world can overwhelm you with pain. almost makes you want to lose hope. but Jesus says, Take heart. I have overcome the world..

we must remember this.

4 thoughts on “picture on the wall, lost on me still

  1. The truth that Jesus has overcome the world is my anchor in a stormy sea. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I hope you have a lovely day!

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