with grace pouring over

i check my email,
seeing a sender
i don’t recognize.
a welcome in
launching a book
with likeminded
people, who see
the simplicity in
mundane tuesdays—
holding a gray cat
agaunst your chest
as she presses her
paws close, silently—
i scram at being
selected randomly,
when Jesus full well
He loves surprising

I’m sitting here watching this message about Jesus and guardrails, when my phone buzzes. because i’ve been easily distracted today, i stopped it and looked. I really wonder what Jesus’ face looked like watching me: “Oh..she’s about to scream…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Me: OH MY GOSH, JESUS!!!! NO WAY!! AHHHH!!!!!!! EEEEEEE! YESSSSS!!!! *dances in chair, screams more*

I don’t know if I thanked Him, but Jesus? Thank You, You’re timing is perfecto. Out of 1000 entires, I was randomly selected…nah, I was You selected. You are the best at surprising, surprises.

I didn’t expect to get an email saying I was chosen to be part of Emily Freeman’s launch team for her new book, but whoa.

I didn’t even ask you before filling out the application. Just said, “Ughh, I really want to do this!” and did.

Then after a few counts: “should I have asked You?” “I probably should have.” “What if I typed something wrong?!” (this last crashed quietly against my heart after I got the email.)

And You said: wait.

And boom: screaming like a child me.

Your grace, this, took my breath away. (seriously, i sounded like a might have asthma…)

I’d love some more, please. Get me to stare at Your beauty, rather than me.

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