between Creator & i

for the grace of You,

i am led away from 

destructive voice,

making me contemplate

i may never have 

a boy (man) to love me.

admittance makes mind

(heart) see how prone 

i will wander, wanting 

another lover’s hands

in mine, another chance 

to be looked into. but

yet, i remember way

blues portrait sky–

stars hung delicate

& my breath loses

itself in majesty.
dear Devil, you can try to distract me with what I don’t have (you’re good at it. Really.) God is still going to woo me. You come to steal my joy (and man, you just keep trying), but Jesus came so I could live abundantly. So I could laugh until I cry. Scream in joy. And fall in love with the maker of every sunrise and stars that are finally close enough for me to see. You’re going to need to move it, buddy, so I can be captivated by Jesus.

And Jesus, thank you for never withholding any good thing from me. And showing me what I look like in Your eyes.

Twinkly. 🙂

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